Logic Trainers company Testimonials

Joanne Wong



“I’m a cross country runner in Cumbria and early this year I unfortunately picked up an injury at a cross country event. I was told that I had to stop running for at least 3 months to give my injury time to heal, and to prevent any risk of making the injury worse. Once the 3 months had come to an end I went for a check up with my physio and they said I was all good to run again. This came as great news, but I was also wary of my decreased fitness levels and the loss of muscles in my legs.”
“My next task was to find a way to get back to my old fitness levels so that I would be able to compete in more cross country events, this is when I found Logic Trainers. I had heard a lot of good comments regarding their personal trainers and the sports specific exercise programmes they offer. Logic Trainers helped me plan an intense exercise regime and used advanced sports specific training methods that were affective in redeeming my fitness levels. We trained outdoors a few times a week and they provided valuable nutritional advice that worked well alongside my exercise programme. The personal trainer I used was very professional and really helped motivate me and get me back to where I am now. Thanks to Logic Trainers I am back competing in more cross country events and I feel fitter than ever before.”

Juan Molyneux

“About 1 year ago I started to gain more of an interest in living a healthier lifestyle, I started by eating better and cutting back on sugary foods. A few months later I noticed a slight difference in my appearance and had noticed a small amount of weight loss. However my current progression rate wasn’t quite as fast as I would of liked it to be, which is where Logic Trainers came in. I wasn’t too keen on attending gyms, as I found them intimidating for someone of my current stature.”
“Logic Trainers showed me that wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and having the courage to make such major life style adjustments was nothing to be ashamed of. They immediately booked me in for a one–to-one training session with their friendly and experienced personal trainers who came straight to my house at a time that was ideal for me.  6 months down the line and I am proud to say that I am happy with the way I look. Logic Trainers have helped me every step of the way to achieving all of my goals, and have spent time organising diet plans to meet my fitness objectives. I would and have already recommended Logic Trainers to many of my friends, and I look forward to my future with their personal trainers. “