How to Create a Home Training Studio

Whether you’re a personal trainer that wants to create a private environment to train clients or you’re a fitness enthusiast that wants the space to exercise in your own home, a home training studio is the perfect place for both.

You don’t need a large budget to create a fitness focussed environment, just enough space and some key equipment that can be used for a wide variety of exercises and routines. If you’re a personal trainer you may want to invest in some more expensive equipment which we’ll look into below, but for a basic yet effective home training studio you’ll need the following:

What You’ll Need for a Home Gym

Enough space for your equipment and to be able to fully stretch out on the floor without being close enough to anything for it to affect your exercises. The more space you have the better, but you don’t need lots to be able to effectively workout in your own home.

Basic fitness equipment: medicine ball, kettlebells/dumbbells in a variety of weights, resistance bands, an exercise mat, skipping rope, exercise balls, aerobic steps. Optional equipment can include weight racks, a treadmill, pull up bar, tyre etc. But it’s your own gym; fill it with whatever you like!

Inspirational quotes and messages never go amiss and what better place to put them than in your own home training studio? Post your own or your clients’ successes on the wall to spur you on when you hit a wall or plateau.

Make the space inviting so you’ll want to spend time there. Simple touches like a TV, stereo or music dock, wall mirrors and good lighting will make your home studio more comfortable.

Personal Trainer Services

There are tons of ideas available online to help you create your perfect home gym that fits in with your budget, available space and training style. If you’re looking for personal trainer services to complement your home workout routine, Logic Trainers can help. We have a network of professional personal trainers across the UK so find your nearest personal trainer today or call our team on 01772 281090 for more information.