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create a home gym

Whether you’re a personal trainer that wants to create a private environment to train clients or you’re a fitness enthusiast that wants the space to exercise in your own home, a home training studio is the perfect place for both. You don’t need a large budget to create a fitness focussed environment, just enough space and some key equipment that

group fitness classes

Making the commitment to get fit alone can soon get dull, especially if you’re just starting out. Going for a solitary jog, earphones stuffed into your ears for company at the gym, going through that gruelling set one more time…it can be hard to keep yourself motivated when there’s no one beside you enduring the same process. That’s why for

Personal Trainer-insurance

Fitness always carries a risk of injury and as the professional that is helping people with exercise it is essential that you are covered in the event of one of your clients becoming injured. In any case, businesses must always be insured but here are the reasons why you need personal trainer insurance: Protect your company. If a client becomes

outdoor personal trraining

The longer days and warmer weather make summer the perfect time to take your training outdoors. It’s a great opportunity to mix up your workouts and push your fitness limits with interval training, running, sports or one of the many fitness challenges that take place across the country. Why Take Your Fitness Outside? Why wouldn’t you want to spend time

Whatever your fitness goals are, it can be difficult to stay on track sometimes – especially if you’re tempted to fall back into unhealthy habits. Always remember that every day you stay on track is a step closer to your goal – but for those days when you’re struggling to find motivation, we’ve put together some top tips from Logic

Finding time to exercise can be difficult with the hectic pace of modern life.  That’s why home personal training is a great way to get or stay in shape; you’re in the privacy of your own home and don’t need to go anywhere – so there’s no excuse! Why Work Out at Home? Working out at home is a great

personal trainer client

In this day and age, information is everywhere. YouTube, social media pages, Google, magazines and even those adverts with the latest ‘fad’ to help lose weight and tone etc. Clients can get their information and training ideas from the methods suggested. So Why a Logic Trainers Personal Trainer? Well as the fitness world expands more and new advanced methods of

school fitness session

The UK is in an obesity epidemic and it’s not just adults that are tipping the scales. Around 2 million children in the UK are overweight while 700,000 are obese. The pressure is on schools as much as parents to educate children properly about healthy active lifestyles and the benefits of exercise. At Logic Trainers we have a specialist team

personal trainer franchise opportunity

Here at Logic Trainers we continually strive to improve the health and fitness industry by making it easier for people to locate personal trainers that suit their needs. We do this by adopting a personal method of finding and contacting Personal Trainers in their local area. Our personal trainers offer a variety of services including home and business personal training,

fitness franchise opportunity

The exponential growth of the fitness industry has seen the number of fitness franchise opportunities rise rapidly too. Fitness is in; the industry as a whole has proven to be recession proof and the number of people turning to gyms, personal trainers and fitness instructors continues to soar, as it has done for the last 20 years. The trends are