Looking for Fitness Franchise Jobs?

A fitness franchise job is a great way for personal trainers to develop their skills, increase their reach and grow their experience. Unlike other fitness franchise opportunities, here at Logic we give you the freedom to work in your own area without being tied to any premises. An affordable initial fee will start to pay for itself straight away through pre-generated leads and a variety of job opportunities in your area – including the ability to work for local businesses and schools to further grow your reputation and skillset.

Why Choose the Logic Fitness Franchise?

Logic Trainers have analysed why many standalone personal trainers fail, and designed our fitness franchise model to avoid these pitfalls, providing our franchisees with as much support as possible. We know that building a personal trainer business from the ground up is difficult, which is why we are proud to make it easier through our comprehensive personal trainer franchise which includes:

  • Complete business support through regular meetings and your own dedicated tutor
  • A dedicated sales team generating leads for you
  • Proven marketing tools
  • Your own microsite to advertise your services
  • Association with the Logic Trainers brand

Fitness Franchise Jobs in Your Area

Our fitness franchise covers the whole of the UK and we only work with one personal trainer in each area  to ensure you get the maximum benefit of our services. If you’re interested in being the Logic Trainers representative for our fitness franchise in your area, we want to hear from you! Contact us today for more information.