Personal Training Job Opportunities Tamworth

Wanting your own personal trainer business? Wanting someone to help keep you on track while searching for the job you want? Want to be the best personal trainer in Tamworth?

Logic Trainers are offering all personal trainers the personalised opportunity to join a beneficial business franchise. With the fitness industry becoming progressively more competitive, it’s getting more important for personal trainers to have a unique spin on how they provide their personal training services. That’s why Logic Trainers only have ONE Logic personal trainer per city so that competition and rivalry is near none existent, so starting with Logic Trainers will put you leagues ahead of the other personal trainers in Tamworth.

So Much More Than a Personal Trainer Job…

By working for Logic Trainers, you will have a respected brand supporting you which will boost you to be one of the most recognised and respected personal trainers in Tamworth. Our low start-up costs are significantly lower than starting up your own business, with the added extras of the following that is all included with Logic Trainers…

  • Regular Support
  • Your own micro-website advertising your services
  • A personal training mentor
  • Business meetings
  • Proven marketing tools and business plans
  • Pre-generated ‘hot leads’ for you to work with
  • Links with training providers allowing you to gain more fitness qualifications

About Logic Personal Trainers

Logic Trainers are committed to driving industry standards forward. We want to work with the very best personal trainers to ensure your customers will receive the best possible service, and our respected brand continues to be recognised as a high quality personal training provider. That’s why we conduct CV screening, phone interviews and face-to-face meetings to help us determine if the Logic personal trainer job opportunity is right for you. Just ask any questions, if needed!

Personal Training Franchise Opportunity Prices

Logic Trainers are dedicated to help personal trainers start a successful business and therefore the start-up fee is affordable with following monthly licensing costs being manageable to enable you to focus on growing your franchise effectively.

Start Up Cost: £500

The Start-up cost will secure your geographical area for your franchise and start the franchise agreement. Your Start Up pack will be released and then a meeting organised with a mentor.

Monthly License Fees: £199

The monthly fee will continue to maintain the franchise under the Logic Brand and continue the business mentoring and the online marketing though the personalised microsite.

Potential Weekly Earnings

Potential Earnings (Weekly)
Home & Outdoor Schools Corporate
Sessions 15 5 5
Price per hour £30 £50 £50
Total Income £450 £250 £250
Weekly Income £950

Potential Monthly Earnings

Potential Earnings (Monthly)
Home & Outdoor Schools Corporate
Sessions 60 25 25
Price per hour £30 £50 £50
Total Income £1800 £1250 £1250
Monthly Income £4300

*based on 11 working months

Yearly Income: £47,300*


Ready to Become a Successful Personal Trainer in Tamworth?

If you like the idea of getting started with the Logic Trainers job franchise and can’t wait to get started, get in touch! Call 01282 685367 or send an up-to-date CV to info@logictrainers.co.uk, and start your journey to become Logic Trainer’s own Tamworth based personal trainer!


Interested in the Logic Trainers personal trainer franchise opportunity? Contact our team today to get started!

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